Modern vehicles are crammed with electronics, including anti-lock braking, pre-collision warning systems, lane departure warning systems, matrix headlights and much more.

All of this technology is excellent when it is functioning correctly, but what do you do when it goes wrong?

Main dealers will charge over £100 per hour for work that they carry out on your vehicle.

Reynolds’ labour rate is a fraction of this. As so many of the accident repairs that we complete involve these and other complex systems we have a very good understanding of them and are well placed to diagnose and fix faults.

Our skill and knowledge, coupled with our multiple diagnostic computers covering all motor vehicle brands, allows us to quickly and effectively diagnose and rectify all manner of faults from a simple problem with electrical windows or central locking right though to electronic steering systems.

We aren't just here to help you with body work issues.

If your vehicle develops any kind of fault, we will be happy to diagnose the cause and provide you with a very competitive cost to put it right.