Claims Management Service

You have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. You can legally insist on using Reynolds'.

When you need to make a claim, your insurers priorities should be with you in ensuring the safe repair of your vehicle.

You are not their priority.

Their number one priority is to minimise their costs when settling your claim.

Reynolds will always put your needs before those of your insurer who is legally and contractually obliged to indemnify you when a claim is made. Reynolds will ensure that everything required to fully restore your car safely to its pre-incident condition is completed and without compromise.

When you have to make a claim, your insurer should direct you to the most competent, professional repairer that will repair your car safely, correctly and without compromising manufacturer warranties.

Unfortunately, the insurer will simply send your car to wherever the largest discounts and savings can be agreed, irrespective of the quality of that repairer or whether the repairer is approved by the particular vehicle manufacturer which will compromise their warranties.

To coerce you into using their budget repairers, insurers may tell you .......

Don’t forget it is your property that has been damaged, not your insurers. In the event of any damage you have the legal right to choose your repairer. If you experience any problems and are unsure of what you can or can’t do or simply would like any advice, please ring Reynolds’ and we will happily assist you.