Frequently Asked Questions

We've complied a short list of questions we are often asked in this area of our website. Please contact us if your question remains unanswered.

  • Do I have to use the insurer recommended repairer?

    The answer to this is definitely no.  It is your car and it is your choice. Know Your Rights!

  • Will I get a free courtesy car?

    Yes. Reynolds will gladly supply a free of charge courtesy car (subject to availability). If the damage to your vehicle was caused by a (known) third party who submits a claim to their insurer, a replacement vehicle will be paid for by their insurer.

  • Is my manufacturer’s bodywork guarantee / the re-sale value of my car affected if I use an insurer preferred repairer that is not approved by my vehicle’s manufacturer?

    If a repair is carried out that does not comply with a manufacturer’s specific instructions, using their approved refinishing materials and their genuine parts, they will refuse to consider a future bodywork warranty claim. A sub-standard repair will affect the future value of your vehicle.

  • Does a repair at Reynolds get recorded on a central database and does my dealer / manufacturer have to be informed.

    No. Reynolds is fully compliant with The Date Protection Act and will not forward information about you or your vehicle / repair to any other party without your express permission.

  • What if I want to avoid making an insurance claim?

    We will review the damage to your vehicle and will discuss all of the available options with you.  If it is feasible to repair a panel instead of replacing it in order to save you money, whilst still providing you with a quality repair, we will.  We are happy to discuss any number of options in order to arrive at the best answer.

  • Do Reynolds’ repair other makes of vehicle or anything else?

    You will have seen that we are officially approved for a number of vehicle manufacturers, but we are not limited to these brands. We have the expertise to repair these prestige brands, so we can repair anything.  If we repair a vehicle that is not on the list of approved brands, we will happily provide a written guarantee that matches the remainder of the vehicle’s manufacturer guarantee.  In respect of paintwork, we can refinish literally anything and will be happy to consider any request.  I.e. We have refinished vintage cast iron bath tubs, furniture and kitchen / house doors in the past so, whatever your requirement, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Who do I pay my insurance excess to?

    You pay this to Reynolds and the invoice to your insurer is reduced by the same amount.

  • Do Reynolds’ charge for my estimate.

    The estimates are free of charge to the vehicle owner.  The only time an estimate is invoiced to your insurer is, if your vehicle is left at Reynolds and subsequently declared a total loss.

  • Do Reynolds’ always fit genuine parts.

    We always fit original / genuine manufacturer’s parts unless specifically requested by you in order to provide you with a more favourable repair cost.

  • Can Reynolds’ carry out other repairs for me whilst my car is undergoing an insurance repair.

    Yes, if you have any other work that you would like completed at the same time, please ask for a free estimate.

  • Can Reynolds’ carry out mechanical repairs?

    We very often have to carry out major mechanical repairs / suspension rebuilds as a result of accident damage so are fully competent in all aspects of mechanical work. If you have any requirements in this respect, please just ask for a free estimate of repair.