Know Your Legal Rights

Who will cause the most, long lasting damage to your car - the person who bumps it or the one that repairs it?

It may seem an odd question, but it is precisely why YOU must be the only one deciding where your car is repaired. A poor repair of your vehicle today will cost YOU money later when you trade it in, sell it or return it at the end of contract.

You have the legal right to choose who repairs your vehicle. You can legally insist on using Reynolds'.

When you make a claim, your insurer's priorities should be with you, ensuring the safe repair of your vehicle. You are not their priority. They will simply try to direct you to where-ever the largest discounts and savings can be agreed, irrespective of the repair quality or if the repair will breach the terms of the manufacturers warranties.

Choose Reynolds. We will always put your needs before those of your insurer. They are legally and contractually obliged to indemnify you when a claim is made and Reynolds will ensure that everything required to fully restore your car safely to its pre-incident condition is completed without compromise.

To coerce you into using their budget repairers, insurers may make a number of false statements such as these below.

You have no choice but to use their preferred repair network.. This is legally incorrect. Your car is your property and it is your legal right to choose where it is repaired

Unless you use their repairer, repairs will take forever, the car will have to be inspected, the engineer won’t be in the area for ages. It is now extremely rare for an engineer to inspect a vehicle. All assessments are reviewed online by "desk-top" engineers that can approve work in minutes. Delays are more commonplace when vehicles are sent to repairers that do not have the correct equipment and training to repair certain vehicles and find themselves "in over their heads" part way through a repair.

You won't get a courtesy car. This is incorrect. It is the repairer that provides the courtesy car at their own cost. Insurers do not pay for this at all.

Repairs are not guaranteed. All discerning repairers provide a full guarantee and only a repair completed by a vehicle's manufacturer approved repairer will protect the manufacturer warranty.

You will have to pay in increased excess if you don't use our repairers. This is illegal and unenforceable and the insurers know this. When challenged and threatened with a formal complaint to the insurance ombudsman, they invariably back down.

Don’t forget it is your property that has been damaged, not your insurers. You have the legal right to choose your repairer. If you experience any problems and are unsure of what you can or can’t do or simply would like any advice, please ring Reynolds’ and we will happily assist you. Other independent advice can be sourced from and if you feel that your insurer is not treating you fairly, contact the financial services ombudsman on 0207 964 1001 or