About Us

"We believe that the survival of any business is not just about the quality of your repair, but equally how well you look after your customers. 

There is no better compliment than a customer that returns to you and who would happily recommend you to others"

Our best asset is most definitely our staff.

All of our team understand that compromise has never been an option at Reynolds'. Our attention to detail has been key to our past success and to our future in getting the job right first time and ensuring that we keep our customers happy.

We all take great pride in the excellent reputation that has been built since Chris Reynolds originally established his business in 1976. This is the reason that all of our employees have remained with Reynolds' for many years...some for decades.

Our large, modern facilities house every conceivable piece of equipment required for the correct and safe repair of modern day and classic vehicles.

We extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to tour our premises before entrusting their vehicle with us and also during their repair .