We're really proud of the attention to detail our skilled technicians demonstrate. Our customers seem to agree!

  • Matty


    Recently used them to repair the front bumper of my car. Although slightly more expensive than other repair shops they are very professional, helpful and worth it. My only small critique (and don't let this put you off) is they could be better when it comes to machine polishing. My car is ceramic coated and they had polished into the side panel causing holograms something a detailer (and mine did) will sort out (and mine reapplied ceramic coating to the new front bumper). Recommend fully and would use again!

  • Nathan Corbett

    Excellent service as always fixed my yaris and vivaro after collision keep up the good work

  • simpsonwykewane

    Reynolds could school many other organisations in quality of customer care and service.

    We went in with a car paintwork issue we had been told required a full panel respray by other vehicle body shops..........in 90 minutes, with no prior notice their technicians had flatted and polished the damage out, to an invisible repair.

    The reception staff were excellent, making us comfortable and updating us on the progress of the repair.....and the cost was keenly competetive.

    Any car paintwork issues....go to Reynolds.

  • John Swain

    I found them to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding the unusual problem that had occurred with my vehicle. They resolved the paperwork issues with the car manufacturer and did an excellent job of repairing the car. Would recommend them to undertake work on standard and prestige cars alike.

  • Alison Wakeman


    I can only describe the repair carried out by the original garage that I was sent to by my insurance company as abysmal. It should have been a straightforward job after my Fiesta was hit in the side, but as soon as I picked it up I could see that the panels didn’t fit properly, the sill was full of filler and the paint was soft, without even looking too hard. After several attempts to put it right and much complaining to my insurer I was finally sent to Reynolds. It was obvious right from the start that Reynolds’ are in a different league. They knew exactly how the job should have been done and soon discovered that there was a lot more wrong with the original repair than I had noticed. They negotiated with my insurer to get the entire job reworked. When I collected my car yesterday it was perfect, like it had never been damaged. If I’m ever in this position again, I’ll definitely avoid the insurance company’s repairer and go straight to Reynolds. Thanks to Chris and the team.